Case Studies

Talent Strategy Review

A global marketing organisation wanted an independent expert review of its proposed talent stategy. What would make their approach something that would give them competitive advantage? read more...

Business War Games

A big ticket sales team needed to understand more about it's key competitors and gain insight to the customer. What do you do to build that capability in a short time frame? read more...

Top Team Development

A top team needs to be challenged and supported on issues to do with team working. Where can that challenge come from if the HR head is a also a key part of the team? read more...

Assessment and Development

When your global business is growing, based on the ability to win big project bids, it needs its best talent in the right place and doing the right thing. read more...

Business Transformation

When you vision is to double your profits and increase your sales by close to 30% in three years you need clarity and a strong implementation plan. read more...

Strategy for Growth

If your market is a tough place for your technical product to stand out and the region is under pressure to perform how do you get your team aligned behind a new structure and approach to sales? read more...

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Digital Marketing Talent Review

One of the worlds leading digital marketing organisations wanted an independent expert review of its Talent Strategy. Over a challenging day of discussions and exploration the talent team reviewed their approach and proposed plans. Starting from the basics together we reviewed their needs, their approach and their specific challenges finishing with a comprehesive understanding of what would work, what would need to change and how to link their talent to their business plan.

Based in the highly competitive London market their talent could move with minimum effort, sometimes by just moving down the street. They wanted to ensure their people had the best support for their career and that the company had the talent it needed to secure it growth.

Sometimes it only takes a day with the right level of expertise to improve and refine your talent strategy.


Global Reach

Change Capability consultants work across the world on client projects. All the places in RED have seen our work in the last 5 years. We have the cultural understanding and the interpersonal skills to work across the globe; wherever you do business we can support you. We are internationally experienced business practitioners with true global reach.